Roll with Us!

The Stillwater MTB is a cycling team that uses training and racing to develop riders and create camaraderie within a competitive sporting environment.

Founded in 2013 with just 26 student athletes, we are now over 90 strong with two state championships under our belt. Biking is a fall sport with races during the months of August - October.  Optional training starts each July, with required practices starting in the Fall.

We compete against other teams in Minnesota under the rules of the Minnesota Cycling Association, known as MCA. We balance the competition with the aspects of a club to keep this sport fun. We want the camaraderie and friendships developed around riding to last a lifetime. 


Students from 6th to 12th grade are welcome to join the Stillwater MTB, including:

Students who are Not Eligible:

Weekly Schedule Aug-Oct

The team has a typical weekly schedule. This schedule may change because of weather or training needs. We will communicate all scheduling changes through our Team Snap account.


No workout.  Monday is tune-up and maintenance day at the bike shed. We may also use Mondays for classroom time to cover riding rules, etc. Monday is not a required day, but the coaches do expect the bikes to be working.  Monday morning will typically be a drop-off option for bikes at the shed.


3:00 pm -5:00 pm workout. Begin by having a snack as soon as the bell rings in school. Get changed and meet at the bike shed. We wait for the Middle School Activity buses before leaving. Make sure your attendance has been taken before leaving the shed. 


Captain's Practice for high school riders.


Race day for our middle school riders.  If it is not a race weekend, we meet at bike parks, such as Carver Lake Park and Whitetail Ridge from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  

***6th graders meet for this practice, unless it is a race weekend.   


Race day for our high school riders.  If there is no scheduled race, you'll have the day off. Sunday evenings will typically be a drop-off option for bikes at the shed.