Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a mountain bike to join?​

Yes, you need a mountain bike. At this time, we are unable to provide bikes or equipment. We can provide help in sourcing a bike. When you register as a NICA student athlete, a discount is available from some manufacturers. See also the Equipment Page for recommended equipment. ​

Our family just cannot afford to be spending all this money. Is there any option for us?

If your student qualifies for the free and reduced lunch program, there are resources to help with bikes and the various fees. Please contact us or Ricky Michel at the Stillwater Area High School Activities Department.

When does the Team start training?

The Team will hold some activities during the summer, such as special events and a training camp. Training on a regular basis as a team begins in the second half of August. We do encourage riding by springtime, but this is done without us meeting as a Team.

How long does the season last?

Optional workouts start on July 1. We will likely practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The first day of school for all students is the start of our required workouts. Races are held on Saturdays and Sundays from August - October.

What does a typical week for the Team look like?

See a typical week detailed here.

Who is eligible to join the SAHS MTB Team?

Students of District 834 from 7th grade - 12th grade may join. See details of eligibility here.

As the Parent/Guardian, do I have to be fixing my kids bike all the time?

We will have maintenance days to clean and tune the bikes. We do suggest using a bike shop for major repairs. The riders will be learning to maintain and repair their bikes as they go through the season.

As the Parent/Guardian, I like to ride MTB a bit myself, but I don’t race. How can I help?

We have several volunteer roles for parents/guardians. There is a place for everyone. We need your skills and passion!

As an adult, I am an experienced rider. I like your program and want to help, but I have no children on the team.

We are always in need of experienced assistant coaches. You will need to complete a background check through NICA. Contact our Team Director or check out our volunteer opportunities.

​Who does the Team race against?

We race against other high school students at NICA races. There are many more across the state; examples include White Bear Lake, Edina, Mankato, Roseville, Hopkins and many more. Schools compete against other schools, and the students compete against other students.

Where are these races held?

Race locations vary each year. See our home page for the current schedule and race locations.

How will you get students to get to these races?

We carpool to the races.

Do you need to be a proficient mountain biker to join your team?

We accept students as they come to us. We consider ourselves a "grass roots" racing team. Stick with us and you will learn skills, get stronger, and go faster.

Do coaches pick who gets to enter the race?

Everyone races, no one "sits on the bench". There are four different racing levels at the NICA race. All riders will have a chance to race and win at every NICA event.

As a parent/guardian, I want to ask is this really safe? Can you guarantee my child’s safety?

We have a well developed and thought out program for training. We will be riding bikes. We cannot guarantee anyone's safety, including the coaches. We will use best practices to ensure students safety, but we are on bikes, and also sometimes on the public roads. We feel this is a safe program, otherwise we would not offer it, but we cannot guarantee anyone's safety.