How to Join

Before starting the registration process, students should talk to their parent(s)/guardian(s) about riding and racing with us. Joining the team is a commitment of time and resources, and should be a family decision. Check your eligibility here.

Stillwater MTB is one of the largest teams in the Minnesota Cycling Association, and has experienced significant growth over the years. The MCA sets standards for student athlete training and safety, including minimum coach-to-rider ratios. Due to our continued growth and strong interest of riders interested in joining our team, we have implemented a registration waitlist for new riders. Each season we evaluate the number of riders that will be returning to the team and the number of coaches we will have to lead practices. We can then establish our team capacity for the upcoming season and number of new riders we can add to the team, then extend invitations to register until we reach our capacity. Invitations to join are sent to new riders based on the order in which they were added to the waitlist. While it is our desire to take everyone who wants to join the team, we are not always able to accommodate everyone due to capacity constraints.

If your child will be entering 6th-12th grade in fall 2022 and is interested in joining the team, please contact our team Registration Director at The first step will be to get your son or daughter added to the waitlist. We will then communicate updates regarding new rider registration once our available capacity is known between May 1 and June 1, 2022. Any rider on the waitlist that we are not able to extend an invitation to will remain on the list for the next season.

Email for more info.